Captain John Swallows

Feared Captain of The Charioteers. Tasked with bringing down a group of counterfeiters. Known for his skills with a sword, sharp tactics and fierce loyalty. Will die for his crew, but will hunt those who cross him.


Body and Mind Characteristics

Body Val Mind Val
Strength 5 Wits 4
Dexterity 8 Perception 7
Endurance 8 Tech 3

Spirit Characteristics

Stat Val / Val Stat
Extrovert 7 / 1 Introvert
Passion 4 / 3 Calm
Faith 1 / 3 Ego


Natural Skill Val Learned Skill Val
Charm 7 (+ 3) 10 Drive (Spacecraft) 3
Dodge 10 Drive (Watercraft) 2
Fight 3 Gambling 1
Impress 7 Inquiry 1
Melee 10 Knavery 2
Observe 4 Lore (Local Underworld – Hira) 3
Shoot 4 (- 1) 3 Remedy 2
Sneak 4 Sleight of Hand 5
Vigor 4 Social (Leadership) 6
Streetwise 2
Tech Redemption (Mech) 2
Warfare (Military Tactics 6

Blessings and Curses

Name Modifier To When
Disciplined + 2 Calm In combat conditions
Curious + 2 Extrovert When seeing something new
Angelic Looking + 3 Charm Constant (already factored into Skills)
Vengeful - 2 Calm When honour is impinged
Nosy - 2 Calm When seeing something new
Missing Eye - 1 Shoot Constant (already factored into Skills)

High Promotion : +2 to Guild Rank (Lifepath Benefice)
Promotion and Rewards: +1 to Guild Rank (Life Path Benefice)
Income (Lv. 2): 5,000 Firebirds Income and 500 Firebirds Starting Cash) (5 Points)

Infamous Family: The character’s family has garnered notoriety, and this affects the way that people view him. (1 Point)
Bastard: The character is the bastard child of a noble. He can still buy a noble title, but will receive no inheritance. (1 Point)
Vendetta (Lv. 1): Your character has an unyielding enemy, who is satisfied with making his life miserable. (1 Point)
Outlaw (Lv. 1): The character has broken the law in a big way and is now hunted on a certain planet. (1 Point)
Vow of Celibacy: The character has vowed not to have sex. (1 Point)

Synthsilk Armour
Dueling Energy Shield (located as a clasp on cape)
Med Pack (Lv. 3)
Elixer Injector
Elixer Dose x 15
Fusion Torch (Lv. 3)
Fusion Cell x 8
20 Firebirds Cash

15,000 Firebirds per Annum


Twenty nine years ago, a boy was born to a consort of a Prince of Castle Furias on Aragon. One of many illegitimate children, his mother was supplied with a vast sum of money, a new name and granted a noble seal in order to raise the boy well. In return, she was ordered to leave Aragon and to raise the boy anonymously. She settled on Hira to start their new lives.

The boy spent his formative years picking up the military prowess of all Hazat citizens. But despite his mother hopping from court to court across Hira, his likeness to a foreign prince became more apparent and rumours began to muster. After twelve years of court-hopping, the former consort became ill and passed away. Her son never learned the truth about his father, and never learned his real name. With his mother gone, he felt obliged to leave his home world and start a trade; and was picked up by The Charioteers.

It was during his early years with the Charioteers that the boy picked a new name, “John Swallows”. He focused his efforts onto his training in an attempt to get over his Mother’s passing. He was without a family, and without a home and the Charioteers were good for Swallows.

Although a competent pilot, he never reached his true potential behind the helm. However, his martial skills were unrivaled. Swallows’ bravery and swordsmanship earned him a reputation as a feared Commander. He helped the Charioteers to crush an attempted trade embargo by pirates on a Byzantium Secundus Jumproute, it was during this conflict that he lost his eye. His military tactics, and overall leadership have garnered him the respect of his peers and Swallows now holds the rank of Captain.

He is extremely loyal to the Charioteers. They have provided him with a second chance after his mother’s passing; and despite holding a fairly high rank, Captain John Swallows is loyal to any crew that works beneath him – in return for the same respect and loyalty. As with most Charioteers, he remains neutral on the higher scope of politics; he is religious, but wary of clerics; and he will crush anyone who betrays his loyalty.

There are rumours of a group who are mass-producing counterfeit jump keys. In an attempt to quash this blatant affront to The Charioteers, they sent Captain John Swallows undercover in order to infiltrate the group and stop this heinous crime. In an attempt to maintain confidentiality, Captain Swallows has been given little support and has been tasked to put together his own crew to find these heretics.

Captain John Swallows

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