Luka Murray

Specialist pilot, Charioteer


Body and Mind Characteristics

Body VAL Mind VAL
Strength 3 Wits 7
Dexterity 8 Perception 5
Endurance 5 Tech 6

Spirit Characteristics

Stat Val / Val Stat
Extrovert 5 / 5 Introvert
Passion 1 / 5 Calm
Faith 1 / 3 Ego


Natural Skill Val Learned Skill Val
Charm 4 Drive (Spacecraft) 10
Dodge 3 Drive (Landcraft) 2
Fight 3 Focus 6
Impress 5 Inquiry 1
Melee 3 Lore (Jumpweb) 5
Observe 5 Lore (Regional – Leagueheim capital city) 1
Shoot 8 Read (Urthish)
Sneak 3 Remedy 2
Vigor 3 Science (Astronomy) 4
Science (Sensors) 3
Stoic Mind 4
Space Suit
Tech Redemption (High Tech) 5
Tech Redemption (Mech) 5
Think Machine 3
Warfare (Gunnery) 1

Blessings and Curses

Name Modifier To When
Curious + 2 Extrovert When seeing something new
Crack Pilot + 2 All ‘Drive’ skills Constantly
Compass + 1 Wits When figuring out location or direction
Nosy - 2 Calm When seeing something new
Uncouth - 2 Extrovert While at society functions
Bad liar - 2 Wits When attempting to lie
Bad liver - 1 Endurance Against toxins

Benefices and Afflictions

Name Val Notes From
Guild Rank 5 Lieutenant in the Charioteers Lifepath
Cash 9 3000 FB 5 from Lifepath, 4 from Benefices
Assets 3 3000 FB income per year, 300FB Starting Cash 3 from lifepath
Jumpkeys (3) 2 2 ‘Free’ from Charioteers Rank, One from Benefices
Vendetta 3 Exact details secret Afflictons
Oath of Fealty 2 Al-Malik Noblewoman Yasmin Al-Jamar (Lizzie)

Of 3300 initial Firebirds:
Synthsilk (4 defense, 300 FB)
Sumpter .47 Ulik (Dx+Shoot 6 30/40 6 3 M 250FB) with 60 rounds (60 FB) and 5 speedloaders (1 for free, 4FB)
Mech tool kit (5 FB)
Squawker (50 FB)
Tech 5 fusion torch (25FB)
Dueling energy shield (5/10 guard range, 15 charges, 500FB)
Alembic Blaster Pistol (Dx+Shoot 7 10/20 10 1 S 700FB)
Knife with shocker (32FB)
10 Fusion cells (100FB)
Medpac with Elixir Injector and 5 doses of Elixir (70FB)
Toolset of hightech tools including a Fusion Siphon, a set of spectrum goggles and a Continous Air Monitor (50FB)
3 Jumpkeys (Routes not decided yet, 2 from lifepath, 1 from benefices).
Plastic Tortoise (Negligble)
700FB- (mis remembering exact amount so most likely lower) spending money using Guild banks
Note: Armoured space suit was initially owned but was lost due to shooting own oxygen tank and surviving.

Note: Due to changes to tour of duty Luka has +2 skill points, these have been added to Remedy and Science (Sensors)


Early Life:
Born to a pair of minor merchants on Leagueheim Luka spent most of his early life working with his family or running errands at the starport. He quickly developed in interest in space and sought to join the Charioteers.
(Average town upbringing)

As soon as he could he joined the charioteers flight academy and focused almost exclusively on his piloting with subjects closely related to it coming second and everything else a distant third. He ended his four years as the top pilot in his class.

Early career:
Luka paid his dues working for one of the Hongs transporting cargo, which let him cut his teeth in actual piloting as well as the realities of piloting a ship as the Hong in question was quite unpopular and he had to assist in fending off pirates more than once, which his introduced to in his third day when the second in command gave him a derringer in case the bridge was stormed.

First tour of duty:
After paying his dues he took work as he could, jumping from trade.ship to military vessel to passenger boat to Scraver scavenging op, of these two ship hold particular significance to him. The first is the the Sober Counsel, a small tradeship he flew immediately after paying his dues where he met two people he would consider friend in the form of one of the student engineers named Razak Ma’Haifa and Alonius Dulcinea, one of the muster gunners. The second was the Red Dray, a ship he quickly learnt was a smuggling ship and taught him not to choose his work so blindly as after a job run for a Decados lord running supplies to a group of guerillas members of the crew started dieing and he suspects he would have joined them had his contract not ran out. The various jobs he ran left him with a variety of equipment represnting a not indecent amount of Firebirds.
(2 tours of duty)

Luka focuses on the ship and keeping to the charioteers tenants: Preserve the guild’s secrets, All Jumpkeys are guild propety and Uphold all contracts, particularly the third one (he will speak out against any contracts he feels are illegal, likely to get him in trouble with The Charioteers or he otherwise feels are not worth the payment as blindly taking any job sent his way has caused him some problems in the past). This extends to his interactions with other people in that other than Razak Ma’Haifa (an engineer) and Alonius Dulcinea (a muster), who he considers to be friends, he attempts to treat everyone as neutrally as possible. He also possesses a stake in Razaks business.

Reason for being on the team:
Luka one the team for three reasons: First he is a charioteer so quashing a counterfeit Jumpkey ring is something he has to do as one not mention that the man leading the operation is a higher ranked charioteer he doesn’t have much choice in the matter, Second he is a skilled pilot so he has useful skills and third no fewer than three other team members he is close to (one of the engineers and the muster are friends of his and he has an oath of loyalty towards the Al-Malik).,

Luka Murray

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