Master Doctor Ashvin Ypsilon

Excellent physician with a passion for med-tech


Situated in a narrow side street off of the bustling market square sits a small, unassuming office under a shingle of twin snakes coiled around a wooden ankh. Step inside and you will meet an equally quiet and unassuming man, dressed in a long, white, woolen robe; open down the middle revealing a soft blue tunic. His slight smile as you step through the doorway radiates calm, inviting you to take a seat. He is the Master Doctor, Ashvin Ypsilon. Doctor Y.

He, as were nearly all medics and physicians in the known worlds, raised and trained on the planet Artemis. His gift for medicine and doctoring shining throughout his years of tutelage, and his compassion for those in hard times driving his desire to be the best he could be. His assistant, Rufus, enters from the back room bearing a cup of hot tea, and Doctor Y begins his consultation. You immediately feel as though you are in good hands.

Behind him, on the back wall, a glimpse of the good Doctors other passion; technology. Ashvin appreciates the benefits to even the best physicians that technology can bring, and he shares in his Church’s longing to see more improvements and the restoration of more of the old Republic’s advances so that better care can be provided to those that need it. He has a reputation, at least within the church of Amalthea, for his research and work towards finding lost technology and treatments. This is supported by a contact within the church who works on helping Ashvin find new clues and insights that might lead to a brand new discovery. But, for now, he is content in curing your ills.

When you ask of his life outside of medicine, outside of the church, he simply smiles that smile and softly quietens your enquiries. He assures you that he can remember no life before Amalthea and Sanctuary Aeon on Artemis, and he is happy remaining that way, concerned with nothing more than your health and Amalthea’s teachings. You do not feel the need to push further, though the dark skin, piercing eyes and, of course, that smile, leave a nagging sense of familiarity; of a noble lineage.

But that would be silly. What would a noble be doing helping the sick in such a humble place as this.

Master Doctor Ashvin Ypsilon

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