Mayfly Shuttle

Emergency Medivac/Cargo Transports

Hull and Engines Details
Hull Type Streamlined Shuttlecraft
Length x Width x Height 5.5 × 13 × 3 Meters
Floor Space XXX Square Meters
Internal Deck Height 2.5 Meters
Owner The Dean of the Supreme Order of Engineers
Useage Rights Assigned to the ICV Golden Phoenix
Starting Thrust Rating 2
Maneuver Speed 3
Shields: Full 1/1 (L/R)
Shields: ¾ 1/1 (L/R)
Shields: ½ 0/0 (L/R)
Shields: ¼ 0/0 (L/R)
Cargo Capacity
Main Deck: 5m x 5m x 2.5m (62.5m3) (11 Tons)
Sensor Systems
Laser Radar (TL 5) Rating 5
Electromagnetic Spectrum (TL 6) Rating 8

Crew Complement

Position Full Strength Minimum Crew (With Associated Penalties)
Pilot 1 (Officer – Usually Charioteers Guild) 1 (Officer)
Pilot: ?

The Golden Phoenix carries two of these vessels, both of which are marked with the Known Worlds “Medical Vessel” symbol on both sides, and underneath.


Mayfly Shuttle

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