ICV Golden Phoenix

The Erstwhile Crew's New Home

Hull and Engines Details
Hull Type Streamlined Trader
Length x Width x Height 82.1 × 51.8 × 24 Meters
Floor Space XXX Square Meters
Upper Deck Height 3 Meters
Middle Deck Height 4 Meters
Cargo Deck Height 5 Meters
Between Deck Spaces 1 Meter (Crawlspaces and Pipework)
Owner The Dean of the Supreme Order of Engineers
Useage Rights Alonius Dulcinea of the Muster
Starting Thrust Rating 4
Maneuver Speed 5
Shields: Full 4/4 (L/R)
Shields: ¾ 3/3 (L/R)
Shields: ½ 2/2 (L/R)
Shields: ¼ 1/1 (L/R)
Tractor Beam (1) Aft Mounted on Cargo Deck, Controlled from Cockpit
Grappling Gun (1) Fore Mounted on Cargo Deck, Controlled from Cockpit
Cargo Capacity
Main Bay: 10m x 15m x 10m (1500m3 (Less Smallcraft and Stairwells) (65 Tons)
Smugglers Bay: 9m x 1.5m x 1m (13.5m3) (6 Tons)
Sensor Systems
Laser Radar (TL 5) Rating 5
Electromagnetic Spectrum (TL 6) Rating 8
Fire and Forget Bouys (TL 6) x2

[Trading Vessel] Crew Complement

Position Full Strength Minimum Crew (With Associated Penalties)
Captain (Usually ‘Ranking’ Noble or Charioteer)
Captain: Private Alonius Dulcinea of the Musters Guild
Purser 1 (Officer – Usually Reeves Guild)
Purser: Chief Arthur Strange of the Reeves Guild
Pilot(s) 1 (Officer – Usually Charioteers Guild) 1 (Officer)
Pilot: Lieutenant Luka Murray of the Charioteers Guild
Engineer 1 (Officer – Usually Engineers Guild) 1 (Officer)
Engineer: Entered Razak Ma’Haifa of the Engineers Guild
Ships Chaplain 1 (Officer – Usually Orthodox)
Chaplain: Novitiate Luo We-To of the Avestite Order
Medical Staff 1 (Officer – Usually Almathean/Physicks Guild)
Medical Officer: Master Doctor Ashvin Ypsilon of Sanctuary Aeon
Other (Standard) Crew Positions
Stevedores(2) (Enlisted – To Load and Unload Cargo)
Stevedore: (Name)
Stevedore: (Name)

The Golden Phoenix is an unusually pristine vessel, looking almost brand new despite the inability of the current Empire to build new spaceships.

There appears to be an AI aboard, who answers to Phoenix, though it can often be heard subtly muttering under it’s “breath”.

The ship also comes with 3 small craft. 2 Mayfly-class Transport Shuttles (Drive: Spacecraft), and a Mule-Class Skimmer (Drive: Landcraft).

There are berths for up to 4 Passengers in small staterooms to the rear of the vessel, and 5 Crew bedrooms accessible by ladder down on the Middle Deck.


ICV Golden Phoenix

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