Blessings and Curses

Blessings and Curses represent a character’s psychological quirks or physical endowments and/or handicaps.

Blessings add positive modifiers to a characteristic or skill in a specific situation while Curses subtract from a characteristic or skill. Blessings may raise a characteristic or skill above 10 in certain situations, and Curses can cause a characteristic or skill to have a negative level.

Characters begin with no free Blessings; they must purchase them with Extras. Curses give the character more Extras to spend.

Blessings and Curses have restrictions, or situations which activate their modifiers. If the situation does not come into play, then the character does not receive that modifier. These situations are declared when the Blessing or Curse is bought, and they can be interpreted rather broadly. Situations which occur only rarely or are narrowly interpreted are usually worth more points. Examples are given below. They are meant as guidelines; players can choose to purchase any of them with more or less modifiers than those given below.

No character may purchase more than seven (7) points of Blessings or choose more than seven (7) points of Curses. These traits are meant to emphasize a few select character quirks, not to detail every neuroses possessed by the character.

Categories of Blessings and Curses.

These modifiers always apply in situations involving social interaction and are interracial: the beauty or ugliness of the Children of the Ur or the Vorox is generally recognized by humans and vice versa. However, the character’s looks may not aid him among those who know him well (gamemaster’s discretion).

Personality quirks can be simulated with Blessings or Curses. For instance, most Hawkwoods are excessively Prideful, and find it hard to turn the other cheek when insulted. Thus, a Hawkwood may have a -3 modifier to her Calm, in case she ever had to roll to maintain her composure — it’s important not to lose one’s temper at the gala ball.

These traits represent injuries or diseases the character has suffered which impair her functioning.

Knacks are those odd abilities which some people seem better at than others. Some are lucky in cards and love, while others seem cursed with bad karma.

Most characters, being freemen and adventurers, eventually build a reputation (usually as heroes or thugs). A character’s reputation becomes more important the farther up the social ladder she climbs. It is of extreme importance to nobles and is highly valued by priests, and the League often bases promotions on reputation. However, a character’s renown can be subjective. While most of the Known Worlders may recognize a character as a hero, there are surely those who see otherwise and may hate the character for whatever deeds caused her to gain such accolades.
Some characters can begin the game with a pre-existing reputation. In addition, it is possible to have more than one reputation, one for the public and another for those who know you best. A Decados may be seen as a cad by the populace, but those in the house may see a cunning motivator. This second, private reputation is worth only half the points as the public reputation.
The character only gains the modifier once she has been recognized.

Size blessings and curses are active all the time, unless otherwise specified.

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Blessings and Curses

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