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Journal Entry #1

So apparently we’re now a passenger transport! Not pleased about this development. We were meant to be expanding the salvage/reclamation business, not moving into unrelated fields. What’s worse is that one of our esteemed “guests” is some puritanical Avestite fundamentalist. Apparently she has a Vorox for a bodyguard. Her Royal Fanciness is bending over backwards to please them, and Alonius doesn’t seem interested in standing up to her about it. So far I’ve managed to avoid all contact. It would suit me fine if it stayed that way.

The other passengers seem OK. There’s some doctor from the Sanctuary Aeon. I’ve typically found them to be the branch of the church that was the least intolerable. And there’s a somewhat shifty character that Yasmin didn’t seem to much like. Ale tried to give him quarters near the engine, but I sent them packing. Of all the unexpected guests, it was particularly good to see my Guild superior and former collaborater Mercurial Dark aboard. Apparently he’s here to perform a scheduled assessment of the ship, but I suspect its not as straightforward as that. This kind of work is not exactly his bread and butter.

Meanwhile, everyone has been getting freaking out about us having insufficient hands on the ship. Had an idea to reduce the number of required gunners by rigging up several guns to fire from one trigger. Pretty brilliant. Asked Mercurial his thoughts. The stuffy old git made me write everything up, like I was still some new guild inductee! About time they got that guy out of his ivory tower so he can see how things work in the real world. Anyway I must have been bored to death by the formatting because a typo crept in. I’d have caught it during the actual implementation, but I swear Mercurial took joy in pointing it out. He actually graded the specification I produced! Looks like we might be getting more gunners anyway, but I’ll keep at it…

Engineer Ma'Haifa Journal Index

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