NPC Alien Species

The Known Worlds hold many sentient species. Some of them rare and beautiful. Some of them strange and deadly. All of them unique. These are Races that the PCs might encounter.

Etyri: Avians of brilliant plummage and regal bearing, the Etyri fought a hard evolutionary battle for their sentience against a rival lizard race. Advanced tool-use and cunning won the war for the Etyri, and they ruled unchallenged from the treetops of the planet Grail for years — until humans arrived. While many Etyri still maintain their noble lineages and a degree of freedom, their lands have fallen tree-by-tree under the control of human corporations and eventually noble houses.

Ascorbites: Few Known Worlds races are as enigmatic as the Ascorbites, insects with a different sentience from mammals — including humans. While they seem to share a hive-communication, they do seem to be somewhat individualistic. It is hard to communicate with them and even harder to understand them; their goals are alien and unfathomable. Even the few Ascorbites who have cut themselves from the hive can say little about their race’s ways. Nonetheless, human explorers still try to parley with them, for their jungle lands are rumored to host hidden Anunnaki ruins and other ancient wonders.

Oro’ym: Perhaps one of the oldest sentient races encountered in the Known Worlds, the amphibian Oro’ym are a fallen race. Archaeological evidence hints that the Oro’ym once had an advanced star-faring culture, but suffered a collapse and millennia-long dark age they are only now climbing out of. Their language and religion holds tantalizing clues to Anunnaki history, but few can now unravel these mysterious traces. Who knows what ancient wonders the ocean depths of the planet Madoc hold? Only the Oro’ym…

Hironem: The reptilian Hironem are perhaps the closest example Known Worlders have of the mysterious Vau culture. Evidence suggests that ancient Hironem culture was heavily influenced by the Vau, and this shows in their present day caste structures and religious dogma. Their belief in S’su (a universal life energy) and its behavior colors everything they do.

It is possible that there may be, at some point, a PC of any of the above races within the party. The next two races however, are completely out of bounds as PCs.

Vau: The mysterious Vau mandarins have demonstrated several times over that they could wipe out humanity if they wished, yet failed to do so. Non-expansionistic and enigmatic, little is known about the Vau. They have entered human space at most ten times since first contact in 2945, but set up an embassy on the planet Vril-Ya. They also recently gave the coordinates to the lost world of Pandemonium to humanity, the only system ever to be found with two jumpgates, which led to another lost world, Iver. Vau technology was superior to human technology even in the Second Republic, and even more so now. It is not known how many worlds make up the Vau Hegemony.

Symbiots: Little is known about the Symbiots except that they breed powerful warriors, use organic technology, adapt very quickly, and are highly susceptible to psychic and theurgic powers. Some Symbiots are known to be shapeshifters, and have infiltrated the Known Worlds to spread their taint. Symbiots are also known for their ability to turn their foes into Symbiots by implanting spores or seeds of some sort in them, and no cure for Symbiosis has been found to date.

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NPC Alien Species

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