Fading Suns

Welcome to the ‘Twilight’ of the Known Worlds


Alonius Dulcinea of the Muster, Muscle for Hire and Technological Reclamation Specialist has recently been removed as captain of the Decados Tupok’ta Class Destroyer the " RDS Praying Mantis ", and installed as Captain of the K-64 Firefly Class vessel the " Golden Phoenix ". Captain Dulkcinea is now dead, laying impervious in Medbay, while the crew rally round to determine the fate of the Phoenix.

Still aboard are the pilot, the angry and intense Avestite Priestess and her Vorox guard, the two “Packages” she recovered from Icon, the Almathean Doctor, Who has proven to be quite the calm and resourceful individual, and new allies The Countess, and Star, two rare and unusual specimen of womanhood.

Forever in Maximillian Hawkwoods debt, and control, what does the future hold for our erstwhile crew? Have they yet got control of the mysterious Pepper that has been granted control of the vessel by Captain Dulcinea? Is she alive? Is she an AI? Is she a ghost? Can she protect the crew from what might await them in the future.

Meanwhile, shadowy figures operate behind the scenes. What are their intentions towards our intrepid band of ‘heroes’? Are they friend or foe, human or alien?

Can the partners continue to profit under the baleful gaze of an Avestite? Will everyone die in airless space when Pepper opens all the airlock doors at once? Does anyone trust anyone else? What do we burn apart from heretics? Does anyone actually read any of this stuff? Tune in next session to find out!


Played at Inner Sanctum Collectibles, Cambridge, UK, on Alternate Monday Nights.

Session List:

Arc 2, Session 5: “Al for One, and one for Al.” 13th November 2017

Arc 2, Session 4: “End of an Error.” (6th November 2017) – 2 XP Earned

Arc 2, S 3: “New Allies. New Start. Nuisance.” (23rd October 2017) – 2 XP Earned

Arc 2, S 2: “Hawk-Wood You Believe It.” (9th October 2017) – 2 XP Earned

Arc 2, S 1: “O Brave New World That Has Such People In It” (25th September 2017) – 2 XP Earned

Arc 1, S 13: “Between Rocks and a Hard Place” (14th August 2017) – 2 XP Earned

Arc 1, S 12: “A Reckoning Must Come” (31st July 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 11: “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics” (17th July 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 10: “Demon-stration of Power” (3rd July 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 9: “May the Mass/Acceleration Be With You” (19th June 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 8: “Assault and Pepper” (5th June 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 7: “The Rise of the Phoenix” (22nd May 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 6: “The Bank Job” (8th May 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 5: “Shuttle-Cockup” (24th April 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 4: “Church/Pews” (10th April 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 3: “Icons and Symbols” (27th March 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 2: “Out Into The Great Black Yonder”… (13th March 2017) – 2 XP Earned

A 1, S 1: “And a Star to Steer Her By” (27th February, 2017) – 2 XP Earned


Character Creation Stuff And Campaign Background Info.

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Cast of Characters

Simon C as Alonius Dulcinea of the Muster

Alex as Luka Murray of the Charioteers

Laura as Luo We-To of Temple Avesti

Joel as Countess Elena Romanova of House Decados

Simon R as Master Doctor Ashvin Ypsilon of Sanctuary Aeon

Rob R as “Bob” the Vorox Commando (Luo We To’s Bodyguard)

Terra as Ur Ukar Warrior Tsardorai “Star” Alamalikaran of the Muster.


Andrew as Razak Ma’Haifa of the Engineers (Departed)

Lizzie as Marquessa Yasmin Al-Jabar of House Al Malik (Departed)

Sam as Mercurial Dark of the Engineers (Departed)

Sam as Arthur Strange of the Reeves (Mysteriously Disappeared)

Lizzie as Karma Harrison of the Scravers (Vanished without a Trace)

TJ as Captain John Swallows of the Charioteers (Departed)

Joel as Baron Edward Romanov of House Decados Deceased)

Ben as “The Human Popsicle”, Last Survivor of a World Long Forgotten.


Notes: Bonus XP will be awarded for ‘In Character’ additions to the website (such as Journals).

Journals Page can be found: Here