Sanctuary Aeon

Sanctuary Aeon is the most beloved order of the entire church as their mission is to bring healing and grace to all sentients and the universe at large. Through selfless sacrifice and benedictions to the populace they have earned an almost distracting adoration from the populace.

It is their sacred duty to heal not only the infirm, but to heal psychological and spiritual illness, even social injustice. As such, Amaltheans are preachers of tolerance and respect, campaigning for alien and human rights, sometimes even emancipation. They are a rare if powerful voice within the church advocating pacifist ideology and some of the most powerful demonstrations have been made from passive resistance protests initiated by them

Payment for their services is never in money, one must always perform a penance in lieu of payment, often taking the form of a charitable deed to others. In this way can the Amalthean Order ensure the grace of charity reaches distances they would never reach.

The only Major sect to be founded by one of the Prophet’s own Disciples, Amalthea who is known for her miracle in healing the Prophet. Her followers are now known as Amaltheans. They are often the most moderate of all Church sects preaching tolerance and rights for all sentients.

The official head of the Amaltheans is the Archbishop of Artemis, and the number two leader is the Archbishop of Grail. The Archbishop of Tethys is usually from Sanctuary Aeon as well. On the rare occasions the Universal Church lacks an Orthodox Patriarch, that role has been filled by an Amalthean.

During the Diaspora and the Second Republic, there presumably have been more Amalthean archbishops on various planets, but since the Fall they have been a lot rarer.

Sanctuary Aeon does have a few monasteries, but they are usually for new members of the sect only; they are usually for training rookie Amaltheans or Yeustan. The leading Amalthean monasteries on Artemis and Grail are headed by Ketcharchs who are considered to be the purely spiritual (as opposed to political) leaders of the Amaltheans. The Ketcharchs have the Church rank of bishop.

Amalthean novitiates are sometimes called prvithi and Amalthean canons are sometimes called protos.

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Sanctuary Aeon

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