Tour of Duty

The character spends his time fulfilling the duties of his position, whether as a Noble, a Guildsman or a Priest.

(Choose One) + 1, (Choose Another) + 1

(Choose New Skills Or Add Points To Existing Skills (Restrictions Apply) + 14 Points.

Worldly Benefits: (Choose One)
High Promotion – Rise in Rank (2 levels), Gain 1 point of Cash (100FB).
Promotion and Rewards – Rise in Rank (1 level), Gain 3 points of Cash or Riches.
Rich Rewards – Gain 5 points of Cash or Riches.
Friends – Choose 4 points from Ally, Contact, Gossip Network, Retinue, Passage Contract and/or Refuge, Gain 1 point of Cash (100FB).

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Tour of Duty

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