Vorox Upbringing

These multi-limbed monstrosities are highly valued as shock troops or guerrilla warriors. Only “civilized” Vorox are allowed to leave their homeworld, for the “feral” kind are too unruly and dangerous. But most Known Worlders are hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two. Civilized Vorox have their poisonous claws removed to prove their commitment to civilization. Noble Vorox are allowed to keep one claw as a sign of their rank.

Racial Characteristics
Strength (Base 4, Max 12), Endurance (Base 4, Max 12), Wits (Base 2), Tech (Base 1), Passion (primary)

Racial Skill
Speak (Voroxian) (Vorox native language)
Fight +1
Melee + 1
Vigor + 1
Survival 1
(Vorox Martial Arts Action) Denga

Racial Blessings
Predatory (+ 2 Perception, – 2 Calm when hungry)
Giant (+ 2 Vitality, base run: 14 meters, requires specially tailored clothing)
Sensitive Smell (+ 2 Perception with smell only)

Racial Curses
Uncouth (- 2 Extrovert in social situations)

Racial Benefices
Bite (3 pts: Dx + Fight, Init -1, DMG 3),
Extra Limbs (6 pts: total of six limbs usable as arms or legs)

Racial Afflictions
No Occult (Cannot awaken Psi or Theurgy)
Ostracized (Mild) (Treated as a second class citizen by humans. Fewer rights)

Options: (pick one of the following three lines)
Chieftain (Vorox Noble): Poison Claw (Dex+Fight, DMG 3, Target (If ANY damage is not soaked) suffers cumulative -1 per turn to all physical actions. After (Vitality) number of turns, Target is Paralysed for the rest of the Span)
Warrior (Martial Arts): (Vorox Martial Arts Action) Phrox and (Vorox Martial Arts Action) Baja
Warrior (Fencing): (Vorox Fencing Action) Glaax and (Vorox Fencing Action) Skaz

Upbringing Options
Vorox Chieftain
Vorox Warrior
Vorox Crafter
Vorox Merchant
Feral Vorox
Feral Vorox Shaman

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Vorox Upbringing

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